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Elleebana - One Shot Packs

Elleebana - One Shot Packs

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Please note: This product is only available to Australian customers.
For lash lifting
5 Pack Contains - 5 Perm Satchels/5 Setting Satchels
10 Pack Contains - 10 Perm Satchels/10 Setting Satchels
Manufacture instructions - 
Apply Lash lift solution using Elleebana application brush from the root of the lash to half way up the natural lash.
Do NOT coat to the end of the lash
Leave to process for 5 - 10 minutes ( Depending on the health and strength of the lash)
Remover the lotion with a damp eye pad.
Apply setting lotion in the same manner as the perming solution and leave for 5-7 minutes.
Remove with damp eye pad.
For extra care, rinse using warm water and a kidney dish.

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