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Compressed Towel 100pk

Compressed Towel 100pk

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These towelettes are perfect for Eyelash extensions, they won't snag or pull at the extensions. 


Can be used to cleanse the eye area, and also to rinse facials.

Offer to your clients as a gift with a full set of lashes, add to your aftercare kit or retail them in packs or individually.

Keep them in your handbag for emergencies.

Simply wet them and watch them expand into a face washer.


Each expanded towel measures 21.59cm x 24.13cm


How to use -

Wet the tablet and watch it expand into a towelette

  1. Use on eye area after cleansing with shampoo to rinse
  2. Add a small amount of shampoo to the expanded towelette to cleanse lashes  then rinse.
  3. Use to tidy Eyebrow tints 

These towels are very cost effective at only 20c a piece.


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