Masses of Lashes is Your Wholesale Supplier of Lashes and Kits in Australia

Masses of Lashes are wholesale suppliers for all your eyelash salon needs. We offer quality products at affordable prices to keep your clients happy and returning. We understand your needs as a salon owner or manager because we also own and operate an eyelash salon.

Wholesale Lash Supplies in Australia

We are the exclusive distributors of Max2 Originale products in Australia. You and your clients will love the quality and value of Max2. These eyelash extensions are synthetic lashes coated in silk for a luxurious look and feel. The lashes are soft and do not have a stiff or plastic-like feel, and the silk coating gives the lashes a shiny and natural look.

Our wholesale eyelash kits come in a variety of options so you can customise your offerings to your clients’ needs. Our Max2 eyelash kits have different lash thickness and lengths so you can vary their usage for a natural look. Thickness comes in two choices, 0.15 and 0.20 millimetres, and lengths range from 8 to 15 millimetres.

Eyelash kits give you choices for the amount of curl. Max2 lashes with the smallest amount of curl are classified as B. Lashes classified as C have a bit more curl, and D lashes have even more. Lashes with an O classification are the curliest lashes we offer and can be used on clients who want a super dramatic look. Take a look at all our available eyelashes.

Even More Wholesale Lash Supplies

We know that the eyelashes are only part of the supplies your salon needs, so we offer much more. Your clients will love the comfort of our gel eye pads. The eye pads are not only comfortable to wear and easy to use but will not damage the delicate under-eye skin. You will never use tape again once you try our eye pads.

Masses of Lashes offer a variety of tools to make your job easier. We have tweezers for every type of lash application, and our scissors are perfect for delicate snipping. Our choices of adhesives and glues complement the variety of lashes we offer. Our products will save you money by saving you time.

To keep your lashes and adhesives close at hand, we have crystal tiles and glue pallets. We have applicator options to suit all your stylists’ needs as well as mascara brushes and combs. We have blowers, prep sprays, makeup removers, and lash lift products from Elleebana. We have training kits and mannequin heads so your staff can practice their skills. We are your one-stop wholesale suppliers.

We want to help make your salon a success by being your wholesale lash supplier in Australia. Call on Masses of Lashes for quality products and superior customer service. We pledge to keep your salon stocked and your clients happy and comfortable because happy clients are returning clients.