Russian Volume Lashes for Sale Online from Australia’s Masses of Lashes

Each month more of your clients come in asking where they can find Russian lashes to buy. What they don’t realize, however, is that volume lashes take precision and a steady hand virtually impossible to accomplish on oneself. Moreover, not all Russian volume lashes found online are created equal. Help your clients avoid hard, unnatural, plastic-feeling artificial eyelash extensions by adding volume lash application to the menu of services at your salon. The increasingly popular skilled cosmetic treatment will set you apart from competitors and draw in business from a broader range of clientele. Masses of Lashes are the premium source for top-quality Russian volume lashes and pre made volume lashes in Australia. Be ready when competitor’s attempts at application fall short. Soft yet sturdy enough to keep their shape, you’ll be able to offer your clients the long-lasting, attractive look that they’ve seen in the magazines.

Masses of Lashes Keeps You Ahead of the Trend

When a new and exciting trend becomes popular, it’s only natural to want to jump at the chance to offer that service to your clients. Just as your clients will discover of their efforts, however, desire and intention don’t make a professional eyelash technician. This becomes particularly true with Russian volume lashes which require individual lash application across a soft surface. Not only does proper application take skill and practice, but one must also accommodate for the unpredictable movements of clients as you’re working millimetres from their eye. Masses of Lashes is here to help you perfect the art of volume lash extensions. Get started with our Russian volume lash training kit, mannequin head, and low-cost disposable lashes. Our skilled team is happy to offer advice, technique tips, and trade tricks aimed at enhancing your ability.

Max2 Originale’s Russian Volume Lashes in Australia at Masses of Lashes

With Russian volume lashes, this is affixed to the base of natural lash. This creates the glamorous look that mascara alone could never produce. This creates the glamorous look that mascara alone could never produce. Masses of Lashes are the proud exclusive Australia distributor of Max2 Originale, the worldwide leader in premium-quality Russian volume lashes. Available for sale at our salon in Narellan, NSW or our online store, we make it easy to keep your salon stocked for each client’s needs and taste. We’ll remind you to replenish your order so you’ll never turn away a potential client due to being out of stock. Our Russian volume lashes for sale range in length from 8mm-15mm with the option for mixed lengths. Curls C, B, D, and O are available, and each pack has 16 rows of lashes.

Supplement top-quality lashes with the best lash enhancement supplies available to buy online. In addition to classic and Russian lash extensions, get all the adhesive, application tools, and Elleebana lash lift products needed to offer a truly professional service that will secure repeat clients for your business. We ship orders multiple days a week at flat rate shipping anywhere in Australia, Canada, and the USA.