Masses of Lashes Has Eyelash Extension Products, Training Kits and Mannequin Heads

Masses of Lashes is a wholesale dealer for all your salon’s needs for eyelash salon supplies. Our goal is to make your salon successful by supplying you with quality products to keep your clients coming back. We also own and operate a lash salon, so we understand your needs.

How to Apply Eyelash Extensions

The first step in applying eyelash extensions is to evaluate your client’s natural lashes. If your client’s natural lashes are thin, they won’t be able to support long lashes. The extensions won’t last very long, and your client will be disappointed in the results. If the client’s natural lashes are thicker, you will be able to use longer and thicker lashes.

Our Max2 silk lashes come in thicknesses of 0.15 and 0.20 millimetres and lengths ranging from 8- to 15-millimetre trays. You can also order trays in one size or multiple lengths. Our variety of lash lengths and thicknesses will give you options to best suit your client. You will want to use lashes that vary in length to provide the most natural look.

You must also consider the curl of the lashes to blend in with the client’s own lashes. Our Max2 lashes are available in curl strengths of B, C, D, and O. Curls classified as B have the least curvature and get curlier through C and D. Lashes with an O curl are the curliest and should only be used on the edges of the eyes or on clients who want a dramatic curl.

Before applying the extensions use gel eye pads under the eye to hold down bottom lashes. Your clients will love the feel of our gel pads and will keep coming back. Our eye pads are comfortable to wear and will not tug or damage the sensitive skin under the eye when removed. Once you use our gel pads, you will never use tape again.

Determine your client eye shape and apply lashes to compliment their eyes. Be sure to apply on 8mm on the inner corner. You can mix the lengths throughout to give a denser look.

Eyelash Training Products

Applying eyelash extensions is a skill that takes practice and Masses of Lashes offer eyelash training products for your staff. We have an eyelash extension training kit that includes all the supplies your budding stylists need to practice. Our training kit includes a variety of lashes, applicator sticks, makeup removers, lash pallet, tweezers, combs, scissors, eye pads, adhesive and more. Our training kits are the perfect welcoming supply kit for a new employee.

You don’t need to practice on clients or other staff members with our mannequin head. Our mannequin heads don’t squirm or complain no matter how much you use them for practice. Your staff can hone their skills anytime or anywhere with a mannequin head.

Call on Masses of Lashes for all your eyelash extensions, training products, and tools. We value long relationships with the salon owners and managers we serve so we will work hard to take care of you and your clients.