Help Your Clients Look Their Best with the Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift Starter Kit Available in Australia

Your eyes are the first thing people notice about you. Long, thick, luscious lashes make your eyes look larger and more beautiful. They can change the shape of your face and soften your appearance. Many people long for thick and beautiful lashes. Just because someone wasn’t born with them, doesn’t mean they can’t have them. With an Elleebana one shot lash lift starter kit, you can offer beautiful, long, thick lashes to anyone in Australia.

How Does It Work?

Some eyelash lift kits are intimidating. Anytime you have to put something close to a client’s eyes; it can be a little nerve-wracking. The Elleebana lash lift kit is simple to use, and you don’t have to worry about poking someone in the eye. Apply the eye patches underneath their eyes. Next, put the rods in place and apply the lifting adhesive. If you are a professional, you have probably done this a few times already. If it’s your first time trying the product, practice it on fake lashes before you apply it to a real person - it only takes a few minutes. Then use perming and setting solutions as per manufacturers instructions, then, simply remove the silicone rods and show your client her new lashes.

How Will the Lashes Look?

You will notice that your client’s lashes are instantly more noticeable. They are lifted and flipped up to push them away from the lash line so that they can be seen. They will appear to be longer, dark, and thicker. In 24 hours your client can add your client’s favourite mascara and eyeliner to define the lashes even more to complete the look. The lashes will stay lifted and won’t drop; even with thick mascara. Your client will look younger and more wide-eyed with her new lifted lashes.

Is It Safe?

Yes! The Elleebana one shot lash lift start kit is safe for regular usage. If you have clients with allergies to specific products or sensitive eyes or skin, it may be wise to have them consult a doctor in Australia before using the product. The lash lift solution and the silicone rods are designed to be safe and gentle on the eyes and skin. It’s also advisable to test the adhesive on a small section of skin to see if there is a reaction before you apply it to your client’s eyes.

Where Can I Buy the Elleebana Lash Lift Starter Kit in Australia?

It’s not hard to find the Elleebana last lift starter kit. It is usually purchased by professionals and salons for commercial use. The kit includes enough rods to lift several sets of lashes and is an affordable way to offer this service to clients and customers. You can purchase the starter kit, and other types of Elleebana lash lifting products online at many stores. Shipping is affordable and fast, so you can get your lifting kit and start lifting lashes quickly. Everyone enjoys looking good, and everyone wants beautiful lashes. The lash lift kit makes it possible for anyone to have them. Adding lash lifting services to your salon can help bring in new customers and make your business more successful. You can get your lash kit from Masses of Lashes.