Tips for Buying B, C, or D, O Curl Lashes Online for Australian Beauty Salons

For many women, having gorgeous eyes with long, natural-looking eyelashes is their top beauty priority. It’s easy to see then why eyelash extensions have become a true must-have in the beauty industry these days. Yet with so many options, it may be difficult for salon owners to choose the right lashes for their clients. Apart from this, the various extension manufacturers often offer a bewildering array of lash types, thicknesses, and curls. So what kinds of lashes should you be stocking up on, and what will work best for your customers? Allow Masses of Lashes to shed some light on the issue and help match you with the best B, D, or C curl lashes available online from Max2Originale.

Choosing the Right Lashes with B, C, or D, O Curls

Selecting the right length and curl lashes for your clients is vital for getting the look just right. While some clients may insist on getting one type of lash, you may wish to guide them toward something that will best give them their desired appearance, as well as be manageable without damaging their natural lashes.

Three very popular curl types you should know about are B, C, O and D curl lashes (all available online). B curl lashes are one of the most natural looking available, and closely resemble most people’s normal, uncurled lashes. These are ideal for those clients who want a more subtle enhancement. D curl lashes, on the other hand, provide a dramatic, doll-like appearance and are an excellent choice for those looking for a little ‘lift’ for their eyes. C curl lashes are the most popular ‘Goldilocks’ choice, providing the client with the look of naturally curled eyelashes—not too flat and not too exaggerated.

In the end, no one type of curl is ‘better’ than another. It all depends on your clients and the look they desire. Therefore, it makes sense to have at least some of each curl type on hand for when you need it.

Where to Buy D, C, or B, O Curl Lashes Online

Masses of Lashes is an Australian-owned company that offers quality eyelash extensions, adhesive and tools at reasonable prices. We help salon owners get their hands on some of the most sought-after D, C, O and B Curl lashes available online. All our top-of-the-line silk eyelash extensions come from Max2Originale, a world-renowned brand for producing natural looking, long-lasting lashes. These lashes help save you both time and money and are a favourite among many Australians.

Whether you buy B, D, C or O curl lashes from our online store, you will benefit from having our helpful and friendly service available at all times. We work with beauty clients ourselves, so we understand the current trends and the types of concerns customers may have. The next time you need a little guidance in choosing lashes for your clients, feel free to reach out to us by phone or email, and we’ll be happy to assist you with whatever you may need.