Max2 - C Curl Premade Volume Lashes - Silk

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These lashes are discontinued, and are below cost price. No refunds or returns  available on this product
We have replaced these lashes with our own branded lashes, which we believe are superior. 
0.07 Thickness
Your clients won’t be able to tell these apart from hand made Volume lashes!
Max2 Premade Volume lashes have a small stem and are not pre glued.
Manufacturer - Max2 Korea
Available Curl - C & D
Dimension - 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D
Length - 8mm,,9mm, 10mm,11mm,12mm,13mm, Mixed Length
Mixed length trays come with 8mm/10mm/12mm
88 Fans per tray ( 8 Rows )
Place lashes on a glass Rectangle tile for easy pickup
Team with a great pair of Russian Volume tweezers

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