Volume Lash Extensions and Supplies for Sale from Masses of Lashes

How many bottles of mascara have promised you thicker, fuller lashes with just one application? A stunning model is used in commercials and on the packaging with bright full lashes; you can’t help but buy. Invariably, your lashes clump together failing to create volume or enhance fullness. In truth, those images are holding a secret designed to keep you purchasing makeup that was never intended to create the picture-perfect look you want. Rather, advertisement and marketing utilise the magic of synthetic eyelashes to draw the buyer’s attention. That “volume” mascara is then used to suggest the makeup will make your lashes have more volume than they ever have.

False eyelashes have been an advertising and entertainment secret for decades. Directors and producers recognised the allure of the eye’s lashes was lost on film and worked to enhance lashes so that they could be seen. Makeup artists applied early versions of volume lash extensions to be worn only as long as it took to get the desired shot. When these products were made available for sale on the consumer market, they were inferior in quality, of hard plastic, and the adhesive didn’t last. Today, volume lashes for sale have come a long way from their humble beginnings. Instead of stiff strips of petroleum-based artificial lashes and short-life adhesives, cosmetologists delicately apply lash extensions for semi-permanent continuous wear. Create that fresh, long-lasting salon look at home with Masses of Lashes, your source for top-quality volume lash supplies, training kits, and support.

Masses of Lashes Unlocks the Industry Secret

Learning the secret without the ability to do anything to capitalise on it, is worthless. Why not learn how to create head-turning looks with volume lash supplies available through Masses of Lashes? We have everything you need from a practice mannequin head and disposable lashes, to top-quality natural-feeling lashes and the most effective adhesives. From training tips and advice to aftercare and maintenance, we’re here to support you in attaining looks for every occasion.

A seemingly insignificant facial feature, eyelashes can change a person’s entire look. Therefore, anyone can benefit from lash extensions. We work with clients whose natural lashes are sparse, brides, models, entertainers, and everyday lash enthusiasts who have incorporated volume lashes into their signature look. Masses of Lashes’ high-quality supplies include volume lashes for sale made of silk for a soft, natural feel.

Volume Lash Extensions and Supplies Made Easy

Across Australia and around the globe salons are adding volume lash extensions to their list of services. Masses of Lashes, on the other hand, focuses primarily on the fine art of lash enhancement. In conjunction with our lash application salon in Narellan, NSW, we distribute a wide variety of volume lash extensions and supplies available from our online store. We provide industry-preferred Elleebana lash lift products, and we are the exclusive Australia distributor for Max2 Originale, the leader in high-quality eyelash aftercare retail products. We’ll even help you set up scheduled replenishment orders. Never reveal your secret, never go a day without your volume lashes.