Masses of Lashes Has Volume Lashes and Extension Supplies for Sale

Masses of Lashes has been supplying lash salons throughout Australia for four years. We offer online deliveries, but you can collect from our store if you are in or near Narellan. We only sell quality products because we understand your clients expect the best.

We are the only exclusive in Australia of Max2 Originale products. Max2 Originale is world renowned for their aftercare products, and affordability. We supply silk lash extensions which means that the lashes are coated in silk for a natural and soft feel with a glossy texture. We can also supply all your Elleebana lash lift products.

Volume Lash Extension Supplies from Masses of Lashes

We have classic lashes and volume lashes for sale for all your extension needs. Our classic tray lashes come in a variety of lengths ranging from 8 to 15 millimetres and thickness of 0.15 or 0.20 millimetres. The curl of the lashes is classified by letters B, C, D, and O and are best used when blending in with the natural curl of your client.

For example, a B curl is a more subtle than a C curl while D curl is quite dramatic. The lashes with an O curl are very curvy and mostly suited to clients that have very curled natural lashes. Your clients are diverse, so we offer a variety of lashes to satisfy all your clients’ needs.

Our Russian Volume Lashes for sale come in the same lengths and curl as our classic trays but have 0.07 millimetres thickness. The Russian Volume lashes are for therapists who have completed their Russian Volume training. We offer premade volume lash supplies which are high quality with fans that will not fall apart. Our premade volume lashes for sale come in similar lengths and the same thickness as the Russian volume lash extension supplies. The primary difference is the premade lashes only come in C and D curl.

Use Our Tools with Your Volume Lash Supplies

Our superior quality lashes are easy to apply when you use our application tools. We have a variety of tweezers to handle the most delicate lashes, and you can find tweezers with straight or curved ends. We even have tweezers specifically for Russian volume lash supplies. You can view our complete line of tweezers here.

Our crystal rectangle tile is the perfect place to keep your lashes at hand. The tile is transparent, so lashes are easy to see and grasp. We have a variety of adhesives and glues along with glue pallets and cleansing prep spray. We have scissors, blowers, eye pads, combs, and more to make your job more efficient. We understand that your time is money and we know our products will save you time.

We are so excited to help you make your lash salon successful. We not only supply salons, but we own one as well which means we understand your needs. We go beyond delivery and are here to support you with advice about the best products for your needs. We would love to talk to you to see how we can serve you. Please contact us.