A Guide to Getting Premade Lash Extension Fans and Fanned Volume Lashes in Australia

Let’s face it: creating handmade eyelash fans can be a pain. They take up a lot of your client’s valuable time and are prone to several finicky issues, such as clumping or separating too far apart. Yet there’s no denying the seductive allure that beautifully fanned eyelashes have. So what’s a beautician to do?

With premade volume lashes, you can give your clients the look they want without fumbling around with tweezers or dealing with other handmade fanning challenges. When you use Max2’s high quality premade fanned volume lashes available in Australia through Masses of Lashes, you’ll be able to give your clients gorgeous-looking fanned lash extensions they will swear were handmade.

What You Should Know About Buying Premade Volume Lashes

What exactly are premade eyelash fans, and why should you be using them? Despite some of the confusion that has spread on social media and beauty blogs, premade lash extension fans are not a shortcut for ‘the real deal.’ Instead, when put in place by a trained lash artist, they are a time and money saving solution that allows clients to get the look they desire without the extra hassle or cost.

Masses of Lashes offers premade fanned volume lashes in Australia from Max2, a Korean-based company that is renowned for its high-quality silk lashes. Available in both C and D curls, these premade eyelash fans are virtually indistinguishable from handmade ones, and unlike some other varieties on the market, they will not fall apart. We also offer Russian volume fans that keep their shape for longer and mimic this fashionable, ultra-full look.

Because they are premade, these lashes will consistently look beautiful every time they are applied. While some older types of premade fans can add excessive weight due to the pre gluing, these lashes do not feel unnaturally heavy or dense. Clients love how soft and natural looking these premade fans appear and are often eager to come back for more. We encourage salon owners and lash artists to test them out for themselves and see just how easy getting great looking lash extension fans can be with the help of premade volume lashes.

Getting Your Hands on Popular Premade Eyelash Fans and Fanned Volume Lashes

Masses of Lashes is proud to supply Australian salons with the highest quality lash extension products, including our time and cost-saving premade lash extension fans from Max2. As exclusive Australian distributors, you won’t find these lashes anywhere else. We also provide a wide range of eyelash extension products and necessities, including adhesive, tweezers, and aftercare tools.

We know how popular these beauty essentials are, so we keep all our products well-stocked so you can order more whenever you need. We also offer in-store pickup for those in the Narellan NSW area. However, if you have any questions regarding our inventory or how to get the most out of our premade volume lashes, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are never more than a quick phone call or email away.