Find Lash Extension tools and kits for sale Online in Australia

If you offer lash extensions in your salon or boutique, you need to be able to find and order affordable lash extension tools and lash lift kits. Knowing which products to buy and where to find them can save you a lot of time and money. When you order ahead of time, you never have to worry about running out of the things you need or that your clients may want. You can find a variety of lash extension kits for sale online in Australia.


Tweezer should be in the lash extension kits of all eye lash stylists. You need tweezer to apply the small lash extensions to the natural lashes and pick up set of lashes. You can even use tweezers to help separate the lashes on the lash line, so you more accurately apply the extensions to the base of each lash. Lash extension application is meticulous work and you need tweezers that are small enough to apply the lashes but also feel comfortable in your hands. You can find a variety of tweezers at Masses of Lashes.


Your clients want lashes that look natural and are high quality. When you apply lash extension, you have to do each one at a time. That can take some time. Even if you have the right lash extension tools, you still need to buy the right lashes. We have dozens remove this, we only stock one brand and styles of lashes. You can even find a lash lift kit in Australia that fits your needs. You have a lot of clients and they all have different wants and needs so be sure to keep that in mind as you shop online for the right lashes for your salon or business.

If your client has last extensions already and wants to have the old ones removed so new ones can be applied, the applicator strips can be used to apply the adhesive remover easily and painlessly remove the old extension. You can find applicator strips in many sizes and brands.

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